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"I could not believe that it was possible to own a 20 acre gold mine claim for less than $500.00. In addition to prospecting, I really love the fact that I can camp, hike and ride my horses on the property. I will definitely get my friends involved."

- Shannon Pagliuso, Equine Experience
Murrieta, California

"There is no other beauty that compares to Mother Nature and Cripple Creek, Colorado and Sun Valley, Idaho have so much to offer. To be able to camp, hike, pan for gold, explore nature and take in the beath-taking vies on our own property with such little investment is truly a blessing. Consolidated Holdings Co. delivers exactly what it advertises and most of all it sells fun. The Company goes that extra mile to ensure you are protected and satisfied in your investment. Thank you for your outstanding service."

- Richard & Dora Schneider
Tacoma, Washington

"Dealing with Consolidated Holdings Co. was so easy and professional. Purchasing the Placer Mining Claim was inexpensive and I even had a personal tour of the property and was pleased with what I saw. I highly recommend doing business with Consolidated Holdings Co."

- Peggy Schillerberg,
Whispering Pines Bed & Breakfast
Cripple Creek, Colorado

"We have always dreamed of owning our own mining claim. Thanks to the knowledge of Consolidated Holdings Co., our dreams are now a reality.
Looking forward to many years of family fun. Owning our own claim is so exciting and has brought adventure back into our lives."

- Ryan Blevins & Diana Wissinger
Dickinson, North Dakota
"Imagine our excitement - being owners of placer gold mining claims in Cripple Creek, Colorado and Sun Valley, Idaho, and be able to partake and enjoy these generous parcels of land. The pleasure of these properties affords us endless activities such as hiking, horseback riding, camping and unlimited exploration of some of the most beautiful terrain in the country, free from the burdon of architectural drawings and building plans. The only requirement necessary is our capacity to absorb all the natural pristine beauty surrounding us."

- Diana McCarthy
Phoenix, Arizona

"What a great experience it was working with Consolidated Holdings and "Claiming My Gold Mine"! The company was great and professional, but, more than anything, their customer service was above and beyond. Never had more fun conducting business."

- Robert Aranda, RV Glass Specialists
Denver, Colorado

"I was quite pleased with the purchase of several placer gold mine claims here in Colorado. I am totally satisfied with my purchase and expect to buy several more claims in the future. I have been very successful with my prospecting efforts and will continue to look for more good producing claims."

- George Hutchens
Russell, Kansas

"Just want to say thanks to my friend, Bill Wells. I met Bill in July 2016 to purchase my first mining claim. Bill met me on site to show me the placer mining claim I was considering acquiring. When I saw it, I was really excited! We were at 10,500 feet, surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks. Somehow I knew Bill was the 'Real Deal'.
After I assayed my first claim which assayed at 11.5 ounces of gold per ton, I quickly purchased ten (10) other mining claims. Since meeting Bill, I have been very successful in the placer mining adventure. Bill is very knowledgeable about mining claims and the rules that govern placer mining. Thanks to Bill Wells, I am now known as "The Prospector"! During my first season I found more gold and silver than most people see in a lifetime.
If you are looking for a mining claim, I highly recommend Bill Wells. He's an honest and well-informed source for tracking down decent gold claims. "

- Fred "The Prospector" Carey
Kingman, Arizona

"I recently acquired two 20 acre placer mining claims in Cripple Creek, CO. I have been in and around the mines in the Cripple Creek District my entire life so I cant tell you how surreal it is to actually own and work my own mining claims.
This has changed my life and that is all possible because of my awesome friend, Bill Wells. Because of this, I was fortunate enough to star in the very successful "Prospector" TV series."

- Alicia Warren
Colorado Springs, Colorado